Could storage trailer rental be the best option to fit your storage needs?

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Whether you are looking for a portable solution to store merchandise due to lack of space, or maybe you need to move products or merchandise halfway across the country, storage trailer rental may be the solution. Even though the selection of storage options and transportation solutions are almost endless, not all of these offer the same benefits. 

Storage containers have become a particularly popular portable solution. These containers can be stored onsite or any other location. They are generally relatively compact, but can still fit a large number of items. Unfortunately, when it comes to transportation, you may run into a few issues. 

The alternative solution that you definitely want to take into consideration is a storage trailer. A storage trailer has many similarities to a storage container, but it is a much more convenient, primarily because it allows for easier transportation. 

What is a Storage Trailer?

A storage trailer is a storage unit that has a number of potential uses.  Each can make life easier for people who need to store freight or move freight across town or across the country.

Storage trailers are large containers with wheels and are road accessible.  These containers have swing or roll-up doors to make them warehouse friendly and are big enough to move merchandise or freight and a forklift in and out of freely.  Storage trailers are usually made of aluminium or steel on the outside, but the inside can have a wooden floor.  They should be leak free.  Storage trailers can easily be attached to a semi-trailer truck for travel and can come in many sizes.

There are quite a large variety of storage trailers out there on the market. They tend to differ in size and shape. This gives you a larger range of options that you can choose from in order to ensure the interior compartment is able to satisfy the particular needs that you require. 

Even though there are different options that you can choose from, the primary function of these storage trailers does tend to remain the same. 

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Types of Storage Trailers for Rent

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Most storage trailers do have very similar appearances. This is because there is a ‘standard” option that the majority of manufacturers tend to utilize when they develop one of these products. When you start to take a closer look at these products, however, you will notice that there are actually different options that you need to consider. 

While some manufacturers will have unique options available in their catalog when it comes to getting a storage trailer for your business, there are a couple of typical dimensions and types that are available. 

Understanding these standard or typical options will make choosing one that will be the most appropriate fit for your project becomes significantly easier.

The most common types of storage trailer rental or purchase will include:

  • 45’ Trailer – These trailers usually have an exterior that measures 45’ in length. The width is generally around 8’ 6” and the height of the container itself that is mounted on the trailer will be about 9’ 6”. The interior will provide you with storage space in an area that measures in with a length of 44’ 5”, a width of 8’ 22” and a height of 8’ 10”. The door opening area will have a width of around 7’ 4” and a height of 8’ 3”.

  • 48’ Trailer – A medium-sized option that will generally have a length of 48’. These trailers generally have a height of 9’ 6” as well, and their width would also come at a standard 8’ 6”.  The interior region of the trailer will be similar to the 45’ option, but the length would be 47’ 5”.

  • 53’ Trailer – For times when you have a larger number of items to store or transport, this larger option is ideal. This larger option will generally have the same width and height dimensions as the other options that are available. The length of the container itself, however, will be longer. The length will be 53’ in the exterior. On the interior of the container, there will usually be a length of 52’ 5”.

It should be noted that the three above are only some of the more typical options that you are going to find when searching for storage trailer rental or purchase. If you need something else, then simply look for a local company in your area that offer storage trailers for rent or sale. You are sure to find other options that may be more suitable to your needs.

Storage Trailer Usage

Storage trailers can be used to:

  • Move merchandise in and out of a warehouse onsite (usually done by a yard switcher)
  • Transfer merchandise or product from one local business to another within the same city (usually part of supply chain management)
  • Transfer merchandise from one city to another (also usually a part of supply chain management)
  • Extra warehouse space onsite

Storage trailers have many uses. The most obvious use for them would be to transfer large pallets of merchandise or products from one place to another. You would load the storage unit up with the items that need to be transported. Once the unit has been loaded, you would attach the trailer to a truck and transportation can commence.

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This, however, is not the only use for a storage trailer. Some people do tend to utilize this particular type of storage unit in order to store items for long periods of time at a fixed location. When there is a need for the stored items again, the trailer can be hooked to a truck and easily taken to the location where the items need to be unloaded. This makes the process much more convenient compared to a standard storage container. With a standard option that is not hooked onto a trailer, you would have to unload the container at the area where it is being stored. Alternatively, you would have to get a large truck and additional equipment to load the container onto the back side of the truck. This can take a lot of time, cost a significant amount of money, and also put the items inside at risk of damage.

There are also some people who conduct certain operations within a storage trailer. Since these items are mobile, it is possible to place equipment and other items inside the container. The container can be hooked to a truck and then transported to the appropriate locations where services will be rendered or where work can commence.  Storage trailer rentals can be vital to transporting service equipment.

Who Needs Alternative Storage Space?

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While anyone who needs storage could be in the market for storage trailer rentals, most are businesses who utilize supply chain management in one way or another.  Most businesses utilizing storage trailers can be described as warehouse distribution centersdistribution companiesfleet management companiesservice contractors, and manufacturing companies.

Companies who need to move their own freight or products from a warehouse to where it is being sold to a consumer could need storage trailer rentals.  They may not have to move freight often enough to purchase storage trailers or may not want the added problems that come along with owning.

Also, companies that are in the business of fleet management may want need storage trailer rental services for many different reasons.

If you have merchandise or products, or your business is moving freight or merchandise, you could need storage trailers.

Alternative Storage Space Benefits

There are many benefits that you can obtain by simply deciding to use a storage trailer instead of other options that can be used to store items, as well as to transfer product.

Due to the structure and features of these trailers, the most obvious benefit that we definitely have to note here is the fact that the product is equipped with wheels. This means the container can be easily transported. You do not need to worry about having to hire a special truck and other types of equipment that will be needed to lift the container up from the ground – you simply hook the trailer up to a truck, and it is ready to go.

Now, when it comes to storage trailer rentals, there are additional benefits that are worth noting. Buying a storage trailer can be exceptionally expensive.  By renting a storage trailer, you can save a lot of money. Renting a storage trailer means you are essentially only paying for it only while it is being used.  Compared to purchasing, this can be cost saving.  Most companies provide both short and long-term rentals.  While purchasing a storage trailer may benefit some, renting also means you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, upkeep, and fees of ownership.

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Where Should I Rent a Storage Trailer?

While we have touched on the topic of the benefits of choosing a storage trailer over alternative options, you may still not be sure exactly how to go about the process. The first step would obviously be to find a company that actually offers these products for rent. This can be a tricky step, but no need to worry.
One of the best ways to find a company for storage trailer rental is to take your search online. Launch Google and make a quick search for “storage trailer rental “ or storage trailer rental near me.” You will be presented with a number of companies that are in your area.  However, make sure the company offers quality storage trailers with the convenience and customer service you want from a trailer rental company.
There are obvious advantages of choosing a local company for storage trailer rentals.
1. Convenience – they are in close proximity to you (some still offer delivery service)
2. Speed – everything seems to proceed faster the closer you are
3. Customer Service – it is easier to fix problems when the company is local
4. Delivery – local delivery means you can get your trailer faster
5. Reputation – companies behave better when you are just around the corner

Why Choose B&W Trailer Rental for Storage Trailer Rentals?

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A storage trailer gives you many benefits over a simple, standard storage container. Businesses that utilize supply chain management and logistics on any level, usually opt for storage trailers to help complete the process of moving freight from one place to another. It is important to choose the storage trailer rental company that meet all your needs.
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