Dry Van Trailer Rental

dry van trailer rental

A dry van or “box trailer” is an enclosed semi-trailer widely used in the transportation of palletized freight. Unlike the refrigerated semi-trailers, dry vans do not have temperature-controlled interiors. Their enclosed design also means that dry van trailers cannot be used to transport wide loads that usually go with flatbeds.

If you have transported goods or received some shipment by road, then it likely was done via a dry van. The wide usage, availability, and affordability of dry van trailers means that many businesses and individuals can easily access one, usually via a dry van trailer rental  or semi-trailer rental company.

Are you are looking for a dry van trailer rental? Then you need not worry as several companies and dealerships offer these services across the U.S. and in other jurisdictions. However, before you decide to settle for a rental service, it pays to note a few important points.

  • What kinds of freight or merchandise are looking to transport?
  • Which size of trailer would be suitable for you?
  • For how long do you need the trailer?
  • Do you have access to a loading dock?

It is good to always check and confirm with the rental company that the dry van trailer you want to rent meets the DOT specifications and suits your needs.

You also need to find out everything you need to know about the costs, especially as some trailer rentals may include hidden charges. Check to see if the rental rates include maintenance expenses.

Equipped with this information, you should find it easy to get a dry van semi-trailer to rent.

Why Choose Dry Van Trailer Rental

Affordable monthly payments- when you rent, you don’t have to worry about huge up-front costs.

Flexibility (rent when needed)- renting means you only rent the dry van trailer when you need it. You do not have to enter into a long-term commitment if you only need it short-term.

48' and 53' Dry Van Trailer Rental

As noted above, dry vans come in various sizes, with the most common being a 53-foot dry van. However, there are other sizes that you can go for depending on what specific needs you have. In most cases, you will be offered 48′ dry van trailer rental and 53′ dry van trailer rental.

With so many service companies available, finding the right dry van trailer rental is still very important. Find out as much as you can about specific rental providers before striking a deal. If possible, talk to sources from the local scene to have a better understanding of how the company works and how that can affect or benefit your needs.


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How Much Does It Cost To Lease a Trailer?

You have three options if you are looking for a trailer: buy, lease or rent. The reason you’d choose either option depends, but if your needs are only short term, then you’d probably check out a lease or rental service.

Choose the option that is most cost-effective, and as such, how much it costs to lease a trailer will vary depending on several factors. You might want to consider:

  • Location – trailer lease prices will depend on where you lease the trailer from and what local taxes apply
  • The lease term- how long is the lease period?
  • The type and size of the trailer- is it a dry van trailer or reefer? 53 feet or other?
  • Features- it costs more if you need specific features/customizations

As you may have noted, it isn’t easy to say this is what it will cost to lease a trailer. Nonetheless, there are estimates sampled from trailer lease companies and sites.

According to Cost Owl, a lease deal averages between $1,000 and $2,500 per month, with the variation depending on the trailer. If you are leasing a new trailer, then you could pay a monthly rate of $1600- $2500. For a used trailer, be prepared to pay between $800 and $1600 in monthly rates.

The lease prices are slightly higher compared to rental prices. A spot check on Rental Yard shows that most prices for a 53ft dry van rental range between $375 and $800 per month. Popular models are by Wabash, the Great Dane, and Stoughton.

You can choose from several lease companies, many of which have dedicated online shops. However, before you settle for a lease or rental deal, find out:

  • If the company needs an up-front payment
  • If you are charged insurance fee and how much
  • Maintenance and repair costs
  • Is there fuel price protection?

Companies like B&W Trailer Rental encourage you to start your relationship with them even before you need dry van trailer rentals by creating an account with them right away.  Then, when you need the service you are already familiar with the company and service can be expedited.  Give them a call at 1-800-227-5134.


What Is a 53' Dry Van?

bw semi-trailer rental

The 53ft dry van, like other dry vans on the market, is an enclosed trailer used to carry goods that require protection from the elements. As you may have noted, the 53′ dry van is the longest and most commonly used dry van in freight transport.

The 53 footer comes with an interior loadable space measuring 52 ft 6in. long, 101 inches wide and 110 inches high.

A standard 53′ dry van will have these features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Swing or rollup doors
  • Wood floor
  • All Steel wheels
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • E-Track system

The trailers load up to 45,000 pounds or carry 26 standard pallets and can be used to transport dry food, hardware, beverages, and any other non-temperature sensitive freight.

Does Enterprise Rent Trailers?

Enterprise is a leading car rental company in the U.S., whose services also include truck rental. The company has a wide range of light-duty trucks, which includes box trucks, cargo vans, and pickup trucks.

The company caters to both commercial and personal truck needs with options for 15′ 16′ 24′ and 26′ range of straight trucks. The 24′ and 26′ box trucks have a lift gate useful when loading and can hold up to 10,000 pounds in the payload.

The company has rental services in more than 270 locations in 44 U.S. states and 9 Canadian provinces.

Does Enterprise rent out 43′, 48′, or 53′ semi-trailers?  Although it offers up to 14 different truck and van rentals, Enterprise doesn’t have trailers in this range.  So, you’ll need to choose a company like B&W Trailer Rental who specializes in dry van trailer rentals, semi-trailer rentals, and storage trailer rentals these sizes.

Does Ryder Rent Trailers?

Ryder is one of the many companies you can look to if you want to rent a semi-trailer.

Does Ryder offer 43′ 48′ or 53′ semi-trailers? At Ryder, you get both 48ft and 53 ft semi-trailers, however, it needs to be noted that Ryder only offers round-trip rentals, which means you have to return the trailer to the rental site. The company charges a deposit fee.  B&W Trailer Rental will pick up your trailer rental almost anywhere you want to schedule pick up service.

Dry Van Trailer Rental Near Me

Finding a dry van rental location is now much easier thanks to the mighty internet. if you are looking for a rental service near you, then all you need is a little patience for the answers to appear right in front of you.

Be careful using sites like Craigslist for dry van trailer rental near me.

Because B&W Trailer Rental will deliver your trailers, you can consider them a local company no matter where you are located in the United States.

Dry Van Trailer For Sale

Dry van trailers for sale are available in all sizes and models at some trailer companies and dealerships and from owners looking to sell.

When searching for a dry van trailer for sale, the first thing to establish is what you need to transport in that trailer. You will then have to find out the cost of the trailer against your projected budget. If you are armed with these two pieces of information, you can then go ahead and decide on the make and size of the dry van that suits you.

You have the choice of working with a reputed dealer or an individual if the sale is by owner. Manage your dry vans for sale deal via a reputable company; for the obvious reason that this allows you the advantage of returning a trailer for another one if that is part of the sale agreement.

You can look for used or new dry van for sale, with these companies providing some of the top trailers in the market:

A used Utility dry van would cost anywhere between $15,000 and $35,000, while a Great Dane goes for between $11,000 and $37,000 on respective company websites.

An owner listing on Craiglist shows that used 53ft dry van trailers can cost upwards of $3000. Notable, however, is that these sales depend on the age and overall condition of the semi-trailer.

Before you seal a deal, be advised that the trailer should be DOT-ready. It would be a plus if there is an FHWA approval Sticker.

dry van trailer rental capacity

Dry Van Trailer For Lease

dry van trailer rental loading dock

The first thing to note is that dry van trailer for lease is not a proposition that works for everyone- but can often be right for major fleet companies and smaller fleet operators.

Why leasing a dry van trailer is good for all is down to the ballooning costs of acquiring assets in the current market. Although major companies would finance trailer purchases more comfortably compared to an owner-operator, leasing works for both as it allows access to the same equipment at little to no up-front costs.

In short, leasing a dry van trailer makes sense if you don’t have the money for a down payment. You then enjoy the flexibility of handling the costs of the trailer for the period of the lease.

You can benefit from aligning cash flows- inflows from business revenue vs. outflows for lease payments.

Point to note

Before you settle for a lease agreement, ensure you scrutinize the contract to establish if there are hidden costs. Much of the worry won’t be there if you work with a reputable company on this. You are likely to be more confident if you know the lessor has a proven record.

The cost of leasing a dry van trailer will depend on whether the trailer is new or used. Other factors to determine costs are size, model/type, and location (especially on the part of taxes and insurance).

Check out our semi-trailer lease page for more on leasing.

If you are looking for a dry van- for rental, sale or lease, the best place to start is to understand your freight transport needs.  B&W Trailer Rental can help walk you through that process.  Give B&W Trailer Rental a call today at 1-800-227-5134.