Semi-Trailers For Sale Nearby

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Access to the right kind of trailer can make a great difference for you, whether it is one more semi-trailer you are adding to your fleet or for a 53′ dry van trailer you want for storage.

Technological advancements and innovation have seen semi-trailers become essential components of the freight and transport logistics industry, providing the means for transporting products and raw materials.

If you are looking for a trailer to buy, then you might have these two options on the table: a new trailer, or a used trailer for sale. Even then, the choice you make will very much depend on your budget and more importantly, how the particular trailer fits your needs.

If you are looking for semi-trailers for sale, then you stand a better chance of getting what you seek if your options include checking out both local and nationwide dealerships. You are likely to see offers which include inventories of semi-trailers from dry vans and flatbeds to refrigerated trailers.

Used Semi-Trailers For Sale

There is a whole range of semi-trailers for sale in the market, and prices will often run the whole gamut. Simply put, the asking price for a used semi-trailer depends on its age, size, make and whether the trailer comes customized or not.

For instance, what you could end up paying for when buying a 45′ reefer might greatly differ from what you eventually part with to acquire a used 53′. The difference in prices might be pegged on features like the type of frame, axle and suspension systems.

The most common semi-trailers for sale searches involve storage trailers and dry van trailers. As you settle for a semi-trailer for sale, be sure you are getting a DOT-ready trailer.

Storage Trailers For Sale

Often referred to as “warehouse on wheels,” storage trailers make it easy for people or businesses to access secure storage at considerably low costs. Storage trailers are also becoming very popular due to the ease with which they can be moved.

Why would you look at buying a used semi-trailer? The main benefit is in becoming an owner and a fact that doing so adds to your overall investment portfolio.

Never be in any hurry to settle for a storage trailer offered for sale, even if you find the process to be strenuous. Chances are that you could come across a great offer at a dealership, and want to grab that customized semi-trailer on sale. Note that this particular offer may tick most of the boxes, but it still may not be the best for you.

While certain dealers will offer the largest inventories and incentives like delivery, their pricing is often too high considering other hidden costs. Local sellers will often offer more reasonable deals.

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Dry Van Trailers For Sale

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Dry van trailers, or box trailers, are usually large enclosed trailers commonly used to move everything that needs no temperature control during transit (as reefers do). If you are looking for a dry van for sale, then consider going for a trailer from such top manufacturers as Fruehauf, Wabash, Hyundai, and Utility among others.

It could be new or used, but the truth is that dry van trailers command high demand in the market. Most of the popularity is down to their widespread use in the transportation of all manner of goods and materials. Other than rentals and leases, you can get so many types of dry van trailers for sale- sometimes at bargain prices for trailers that are as good as new.

Search for dry van trailers by location to get a listing of available sale offers in your area. Narrow the search by size, model or manufacturer- or go for potential deals that give you offers near the average price.

For better results, expand the search area by looking for “dry van trailers near me.” This is an alternative that returns all the local dealers in your locality.

53' Trailers For Sale

Are you looking for a 53 ft trailer for sale? A quick search for this type of trailer will return thousands of results, but as noted above, narrow down your options to those that suit your needs. Both dry vans and refrigerated (reefer) trailers are available at dealerships throughout the country. Shop for one online or pay a visit to a local trailer service provider.

Before going for the trailer, determine your needs to decide whether you should buy or rent.

Specifications for 53′ trailers may vary from one trailer make or model to another, but most will be 53 feet long, 13 feet 6 inches high and 8 feet 6 inches wide. They are widely used as they offer a large storage space.

When shopping for 53′ trailers for sale, ensure you check on accessibility to the storage space and that the trailer specifications provide for secure storage that can withstand all weather elements. A good choice would be where the rental company offers delivery services.

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Ways to Buy Semi-Trailers

You can buy semi-trailers in several ways, with an online search or listing often being the first step in the process.

As you decide which way of buying the trailer, it would pay to do the following before or during the entire process.

  • Be clear on what the semi-trailer is for
  • Have a set budget in mind and work within it
  • Factor in any additional costs that may be incurred- like delivery when the seller doesn’t offer such
  • Find out all you can about the trailer’s history in terms of usage, why it’s on sale and its repair and maintenance needs

Two common ways of buying semi-trailers used by most people involve targeted online searches that incorporate these two terms:

  • Semi-trailers for sale
  • Semi-trailers for sale by owner

If you input semi-trailers for sale and specify your location, (or other parameters,) you will access a list of semi-trailer dealers and sellers in that particular location. You can for instance search for listings in the Charlotte, NC area, narrowing down your area of focus by looking at trailer model, make/year, minimum or maximum price and so on.

You can also search for semi-trailers for sale by owner on popular search engines to get all the sales available in a given area. Remember, while you may find a cheaper trailer from a private owner, there will likely be recourse for missed problems with the trailer (as-is).

Solve Your Transports Needs With a Semi-Trailer For Sale

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The Best Way to Buy a Semi-Trailer

You can buy a semi-trailer in any number of ways, but ensure that the purchase meets all the regulatory requirements applicable in the state or country.

Arguably, you can have success using any method. However, it is undeniable that the best way to buy semi-trailers is through a legitimate company. Choosing a reputable company will provide all the safeguards you require.  Reputable dealers include companies like Ryder, Uhaul, Freightliner, Penske, Kenworth, and B&W Trailer Rental in North Carolina.  Before you make the purchase, find out as much as possible about the company’s track record.

Why Renting a Semi-Trailer May Be Better

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Here is one of the most FAQ about semi-trailers: do I buy or rent it? Each option has its pros and cons that influence the specific choice of whether to buy or rent. Among key things to consider, however, is the initial and overall cost of purchasing a trailer versus that of short-term renting.

Why would renting be the best move? If your trailer needs are short term. Say you need it for a week or two – then it is wiser to rent rather than buy. When the trailer is needed for occasional use only, then renting becomes a better decision because it allows the individual or business to utilize the storage facility and return it when it’s no longer needed.

Renting may also be top of your priorities if you want a deal that allows you to use the trailer without worrying about its overall repairs and maintenance. Notable here though is that you might need to find out rental offers that are priced low but still cater to all these services.


Are you looking for a semi-trailer for sale? Begin your purchase process by knowing what you need. You can then use Google searches to access semi-trailer offers in your area. Go for a reputable firm, or if it’s an individual, use due diligence to ensure you get a trailer that meets DOT requirements.

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