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The use of shipping containers for storage has multiplied over the years as people look for mobile storage units. Storage container trailer rental services are available in every major city, with rates as low as $2.50 per day. Several companies have also gone the extra mile to offer affordable shipping rates for containers from Asian manufactures.

Now you can have a storage container delivered to your doorstep. Here are several frequently asked questions related to container trailers.

Can you put a shipping container on a trailer?

There are different ways of moving shipping containers or delivering them to a site, including putting them on a trailer. You cannot probably move the container yourself, but you can use a crane, forklift, side loader or lifting jack to put the container on a tilt bed, flatbed or step deck trailer.

How do you move a 40 container?

A tilt bed trailer offers the easiest way to move and offload a 40ft container. The trailer has a hydraulic mechanism that makes it possible to slide containers off and onto the ground. As for the flatbed and step deck, you’d need to have the same equipment used to put the container on the trailer to aid in offloading.

How much does a 40ft shipping container weigh?

When looking at container weights, note these three relevant figures:

  • Tare Weight – this is how much the container weighs when empty.
  • Payload – also called the net weight. It is how much weight the container can carry in terms of cargo.
  • Maximum Gross Weight – this is the maximum weight of the container + the maximum payload

You will find these figures on the container door.

The 40ft shipping container has a tare weight of 8,000 lbs for the Standard container and 8,775 lbs for the 40ft High Cube. The Maximum Gross Weight of the 40ft shipping container (both the HC and the Standard) is 67,200 lbs while the maximum payload is 58,930 lbs.

How much does a 20ft shipping container weigh?

The 20ft container has a Max Gross Weight of 67,200 lbs and Tare Weight of 4,760 lbs or 2,160kg.  A 20-foot container has a maximum payload or net weight of 62,440 lbs.

How much does it cost to move a 40 container?

On average, the cost of moving a 40-foot container is $2 per mile. Nonetheless, what you pay will likely depend on whether it’s within the city or across the country.

How do you unload a shipping container?

Ensure the container is securely fastened first. After that, open the doors and stand back in case the cargo was pressed against the door. You then need a few minutes to let the container air out. Unloading can then be manual or you can use machines to do the heavy lifting onto trucks.

It is good to ensure the cargo remains secure as you unload to avoid the dangers of crumbling items. What you should never do when unloading cargo is to stand inside the container with unsecured stacks.

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How do you secure cargo in a container?

How to secure cargo in a container follows one basic maxim: the safety of commodities depends on how immovable the items are once stowed or restrained.

When loading the cargo, it is advisable to ensure there’s virtually no movement within or in between the cargo. Here is how to secure the cargo to avoid damage, either during loading or unloading.

  • Ensure all cargo is packed according to packing guidelines and that there is no shifting
  • Fill all spaces between packages using any material that prevents movement e.g. using old tires. Wedging prevents packages or items from rubbing against each other.
  • Use lashing to secure the cargo – there are rails at the top, bottom and in the corners. Use the ring-bolts on the floor and walls to restrain all types of heavy cargo

How do you open a container?

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Opening the doors of a container can be a challenge, especially if it’s your first time. That, however, shouldn’t be the case for long if you are new to containers. Use these tips to open containers.

Each container door has two vertical lock rods and cam keepers that help you open or close the door.  The first step is to unlock the box and start opening the door on the right. Pull the rods (handles) in an upward motion until they are released from the cam keepers.

Repeat the same motions on the door on the left. With both doors unlocked, the next thing is to pull on both lock rods to open the doors. Steady your legs and pull outward.

How do you close a storage container?

To close the doors of a storage container, follow the same step you took when opening but in reverse. Start with the door on the left (inner door) and latch the two doors securely using the lock rods and cam keepers. Lock the steel lockbox.

How do you level a storage container?

It is very important to level the ground/site where you need the container placed. This is because it helps make it easy for you to open and close the doors as well as safe storage. You should ensure that the level allows only the four corners (and not the underside) to touch the ground.

Prepare a concrete or cobblestone, wooden or metallic flooring with 7-inch square castings at each corner. The ground and should be all level, with the corner castings all equal in size and strength. If you can get steel plates, use them. Pieces of hardwood timber will also do.

How big is a 20ft container?

The 20ft shipping container has an external length of 20 feet (6.09m) and an internal length of 19ft 9 inches (6.01m). The height is 8ft 6 inches or 2.59m on the outside and 7ft 10 inches or 2.39m on the inside. The external width is 8ft or 2.44m, while it measures 7ft 10 inches or 2.34m wide on the inside.

How do you move a shipping container?

Once a shipping container has been offloaded from a ship, you can transport them from location to location over the road or by rail. Some of the options you have when looking to move shipping containers include using tilt bed trailers, flatbeds, and step deck trailers.

Use equipment such as gantry cranes or container lifting jacks to lift the 20-foot or 40-foot container onto the trailer and move it to your desired location. The tilt bed trailer can allow you to offload the container by simply sliding it into space.

Other container moving equipment includes:

  • Forklifts
  • reach stackers
  • top loaders
  • side loaders
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How long do cargo ships stay in port?

Ships are usually operated on a schedule, and ports are busy places. Ships, therefore, don’t take too long at a port of call. In general, a cargo ship will remain at a port of call for between 1-3 days. The crew can generally go ashore and use the cafes’, but that depends on the port’s regulations.

How long does it take to offload a ship?

By offloading we are talking of moving the containers off the cargo ship and onto the dock. That differs from unloading a container, which involves removing the cargo from each container.

Logistics plays a crucial role in the process of offloading/loading or unloading/loading containers. Ships will dock in a port with stacks of containers- sometimes numbering in their thousands. The steps involved in offloading these containers include the use of large cranes to move the containers from the ship and transferring them into a holding area. Companies can then use semi-trucks or trains to move the containers inland.

Offloading a ship, as it is with loading, depends on the vessel size, the number of containers and the port’s crew.

It can take hours or a couple of days to offload a ship. In most cases, however, ports take about 24 hours to offload containers from most large vessels. It, however, can take a lot longer for some of the largest vessels. For example, the port of Antwerp took just 59 hours to offload the Madrid Maersk, a truly large ship with19630 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit).

How long does it take to unload a 40 ft container?

How long it takes to unload a 40-foot shipping container depends on the cargo type and the available workforce. While it can take considerably longer to unload a 40ft when short on laborers, having a bigger crew can get the job done in 2-3 hours.

Are shipping containers safe to live in?

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Shipping container homes have been in use for many years and, on the face of it, are safe to live in and are pretty secure. However, before you decide to build that home out of a shipping container, find out one this one thing:

Is the shipping container safe from harmful chemicals? The main concern here is to find out about the chemicals used in the wooden flooring or the paint coating the container’s interior walls.

What do you do if the used shipping container has harmful chemicals? Use the unique container identification number to contact the manufacturer and ask about the hazardous chemicals used. You can then decide to remove the flooring or use non-breathable flooring materials to completely cover the wood. For the walls, cover the coating with foam insulation or other non-toxic paint.

If you can get a new shipping container from Asia, you can eliminate these worries by placing a special order. Direct the manufacturer not to use any harmful chemicals in the wooden flooring or paint coatings.

How much does it cost to bring a 40-foot container from China?

The cost of shipping a 40ft container from China is anything from $3000-$5000. The costs may be several thousand higher depending on factors like cargo charges, custom duty, and other applicable fees.

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How much does a 20-foot container cost to ship?

As with the 40ft container, the cost of shipping a 20ft varies. If it’s shipped from Asia, then freight companies can charge you $1400-$2,500 per 20-foot container.

Remember that you have the option of either shipping the containers empty and paying all the costs or allowing a shipper to use the containers and pay a container delivery fee.

How much does it cost to ship a container?

The cost of shipping a container varies depending on the port of origin and destination and the size of the container. In many cases, freight companies charge $2,000 – $5000 to ship a container from Asia.  The cost of moving the container from the port to inland destinations varies and is calculated per mile. On average, you can spend $500 to move one container from the port to your yard or site.

Can a bobcat move a shipping container?

It is a tough job, but not entirely impossible. You can move an empty 20′ or 40′ using a bobcat, especially if the container(s) are on concrete floors.

Use a T300 bobcat or rubber track Bobcat to lift the empty container one corner or side. Move that side and do the same with the next corner as you push the container to where you need it. While this might work, its tedious and risky nature means using the right equipment to move the shipping containers is the best option.

How long do movers take to load a truck?

Several factors will determine how long it takes movers to load a truck. They include the type of cargo being loaded, the truck size, loading level and distance to the truck. On average, two movers can load a 24ft truck in about 3 hours and 4 hours for a 26ft truck.


You can rent a container and use it for storage, with the choice of buying a new one or used one. Locally available rentals will certainly be one-trip containers. If you buy a new container and opt to pay shipping costs on your own, you might find it too costly (even if buying in China proves to be cheap, added shipping costs could easily become too prohibitive).

The best bet at cutting costs is to use a freight company, which will arrange to use the containers to ship cargo (one trip containers) and pay shipping costs. You will then pay a small fee to move the containers from the port to your site.