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Looking for a tractor trailer rental? There are several options available, but first, there are a few important things to consider.

We differentiate semi-trucks on the basis of axles – is it a single axle or tandem axle tractor that you need? Does the tractor trailer you want come with a day cab or do you fancy a sleeper because you will be on the road longer? You might also need to think about whether you are renting a 48ft or 53ft semi-trailer.

Can you rent a tractor trailer?

Hundreds of companies offer tractor trailer rentals, with businesses guaranteed to get a deal that suits them regardless of business size or type of cargo to be moved.

You could also rent a tractor trailer from an owner-operator, which might be cheaper given the tendency for these deals to be negotiable. But that might not be the best way to go about it, especially if you intend to move across states, with various jurisdictions likely to apply specific statutes on renting tractor trailers.

If you are looking to add to your fleet or to rent a tractor trailer to help your business scale into a new market, renting might be what you need to meet that demand.

Rent any type of tractor and trailer

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Most trailer rental companies will offer you access to all types of semi trailers. The first thing to note, however, is that rental providers are in business and will want to get the most out of each deal they strike. It is important to find out about the cost of renting a semi trailer or tractor trailer, but it is primarily essential to know which kind that you need.

Apart from wanting to know whether you can rent a tractor trailer, you’ll want to find out how much it costs to rent the trailer for the timeframe that you will need it. Other than that, you need to know about commercial trucks and CDL requirements. If you, for whatever reason, can’t drive the truck yourself, find out if it’s possible to rent a semi-truck and driver.

Leasing options are also available, but you might also want to know if the company you are looking to rent from offers tractor trailers for sale as well.

Some of the rental services you might look at include Flatbed, Refrigerated (Reefer), or Dry Van trailer rentals. Your particular needs determine the type of trailers you may be interested in.

How much does it cost to rent a tractor trailer for a day?

tractor hauling two trailersHere are the average costs of renting tractor trailers, with the charges most often split between getting a semi-truck and a trailer. Renting a trailer that can load 65,000 lbs to 80,000 lbs go for an average cost of between $55 and $120 per day.

On average, semi-truck rentals cost between $170 and $215 per day. This means that before any additional costs, the average cost for hiring a tractor trailer for a day is between $225 and $335 per day.

Remember that costs are likely to vary depending on a number of factors.

When you look for a tractor trailer for hire, remember that the rental provider will normally have to cover things like replacement of tires, other repairs and maintenance, as well as DOT inspection. However, costs like fuel and insurance coverage fall on you. Calculate these costs in addition to the rates the company will charge you for renting a semi for a day, week or month.

In addition to fuel, be prepared to add in costs that include environmental fees charged in case of hazardous goods, which is between $5 and $10, and fuel between $3 and $5 a gallon.

Penske and Ryder are two of the most popular tractor and trailer rental companies in the U.S.

Rent a semi-truck and driver

You can rent a semi-truck and a driver from a rental service, although these arrangements are increasingly becoming tough to negotiate given the shortage of truck drivers. The trucking industry lost over 88,000 in April 2020 due to COVID-19.


How much does it cost to hire a truck and a driver?

Hiring costs for trucks vary, but as shown above, will come to around $170 per day. If you have to also hire a driver because you do not have the DOT permit to be on the road, prepare to part with $2,000.00 – $10,000.00 for short term needs. What you pay will depend on the payload, distance, type of truck and other demands a specific driver may have.

When you hire a driver, ensure you agree on their pay and be clear on whether the deal is for a single trip or several.

Note that according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics,the mean annual salary for truck drivers in 2019 was $45,000 before bonuses. Truck drivers are paid on average $21 per hour.

However, some trucking companies offer up to $80,000 per year before bonuses in a bid to attract people to a job that has increasingly seen reduced numbers and interest in the U.S.

You might not immediately get a driver at the rental company, which would mean hiring one from the many sites that list driver jobs. You could check sites like,, and Glassdoor.

A truck driver’s shift is currently monitored stringently, with limits on how long a driver can stay on the road within a 14-hour period. You might want to rent a sleeper semi-trailer, intending to move cargo coast to coast. But it is important to note that December 2017, the U.S. has obligated all truck drivers to drive up to 11 hours. Afterward, the truck driver must rest/sleep and refresh for ten hours before embarking on another trip.

Rent a tractor trailer for a CDL test

fifth wheel tractorIf you wanted to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which is needed if you want to drive a tractor trailer, then one option would be to join a truck driving school. However, quite often, people rent tractor trailers for the CDL test.

Several rental services offer tractor and trailer rentals for anyone seeking to prepare and sit for the DVM Class A commercial driver’s license exam. Conveniently rent a tractor trailer from a provider near you or search online for one that offers best rates for their trucks.

Remember that the CDL test will contain three steps, which are all important if you want to pass the test. These parts are the pre-trip inspection, followed by trying basic maneuvers, and finally the all-important road test.

So, you are not just renting the big rig to pass your CDL test, but ensuring that you are able to make all the maneuvers safely in the vehicle. You also need to familiarize with your state’s DMV drivers’ manual.

Rental costs for a CDL test depend on the type of tractor and the trailer. On average, renting a truck for the CDL test will cost you between $80 and $120 per hour. If you take practicing for the standard 3-8 hours, then you can work out how much the cost is.

The company will also charge you to deliver the tractor trailer to the practice area, with the cost of delivering a tractor-trailer for the Class A CDL test about $290. The company will cater for insurance.

The alternative to reducing costs would be to find a friend or family who holds a CDL Class A license and let them take you through the test.

Tractor trailer for sale

Buying a tractor trailer is one other option available, in addition to renting and leasing. While renting allows you to acquire the tractor trailer to attend to short term trucking needs, leasing or buying gives you the opportunity to use the semi for a longer period.

When you rent a tractor trailer, you are giving yourself the chance to return the vehicle once your need is served.

Leasing and buying both require heavy investments and won’t be feasible for short term use. Before you buy the semi-truck, remember you are bearing all the costs involved- purchase price, registration with the DOT, and insurance. You will also foot expenses on fuel, regular maintenance and repairs.

As with trailer rental or lease options, buying a new or used semi-truck will require you to confront and carefully consider a number of factors. For starters, what do you need the truck for? Does it have to be new, or a used one will do? What is the best trailer for the load or type of cargo your company transports? And do you need a conventional day cab or is it a sleeper?

If you have considered these aspects, then note that a tractor trailer will cost you as much as $200,000, with the average cost of buying a new one at anywhere between $150k and $180k.

A new tractor costs anywhere from $110,000 to $125,000, while a new trailer will set you back $30k to $50k.

Is a tractor trailer the same as a semi-trailer?

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A tractor trailer and semi-trailer are terms used interchangeably by many people to refer to a combination of a truck/tractor and a trailer. In many cases, you will find a semi-trailer or tractor trailer referred to as an 18-wheeler.

In the U.S, the tractor-trailer is a term used to refer to a tractor, which is the cab and engine, and an attached trailer or trailers.

When hauling loads, the tractor supports the weight of the trailer it’s pulling.

This is a tractor, also called a semi-truck. I am sure you have seen these bare tractors cruising on a highway near you.A hitch, commonly called a ‘fifth wheel’ is used to hook the trailer to the tractor.


The ‘semi’ comes from the fact that the trailer has no front axles or wheels. Instead of the front wheels, there is a landing gear that helps it to stand when detached from the tractor. You cannot move the semi-trailer unless it’s hooked onto a tractor, with the tractor providing the primary power that moves the trailer.

Above image is of a tractor hauling three trailers, with the second ‘semi-trailer’ attached to the first using a ‘dolly’ (or drawbar).

connecting dolly

Sometimes, instead of a tractor, you could have a ‘truck’ or box truck hauling a trailer or full trailer. To differentiate a truck from a tractor, note that the former has a cab and cargo container attached to it. The latter only has the cab and a fifth wheel.

The ‘full trailer’, also called ‘pull trailer’ looks like a semi trailer. However, the full trailer has wheels at both ends, meaning it doesn’t need a landing gear.

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